Learn Chinese Language and Culture in Xi’an, China

Insight China Program provides volunteer opportunities to anyone who is interested in learning about the Chinese culture and Chinese language. It will be a life-changing experience combining meaningful volunteer work with various cultural learning activities including Chinese language lessons and lectures on Chinese culture and history.
Why Insight China?
The best way to learn about another culture and another language is by meeting and interacting with local people in their own country. Designed for international volunteers and Chinese language learners, and organized by local Chinese people, Insight China promotes grassroots cultural and language exchange between China and the rest of the world through its volunteering and language learning program in Xi’an, an ancient Chinese city with a splendid history of more than 3000 years.
Can’t make it to China?
Insight China also has online programs aimed at promoting cross-cultural exchange. The Online English Corner program is for those who want to volunteer but can’t make it to Xi’an; and the Connecting with a Chinese Family Program is for those who want to learn about the Chinese culture and its people by interacting with ordinary Chinese families through the Internet.