Volunteer Placements

Insight China Volunteer Program placements include

IC English Classroom

which is an English teaching/learning and cultural exchanging activity organized by Insight China. Volunteers teach/talk with a group of young Chinese people who want to improve their English and learn about Western culture. Volunteers will also learn about China and its people through interactions with these participants.


where volunteers teach English to young Chinese children, or help Chinese teachers with their English. Arts, songs and games are all good subjects.

Centers for mentally challenged children

 where volunteers help teachers take care of the children in these centers. No special education skills or experience is required.


where volunteers help English-language tour guides with their English, or help proofread materials in English for the museums.


in different fields, from education to environmental protection, where volunteers work with social workers in China and gain first-hand experience of how a Chinese NGO is operating.

Foster homes

where volunteers help take care of baby orphans.

We strongly recommend IC English Classroom. The short-term goals of the placement are to improve the Chinese students’ English level and to help volunteers obtain more information on China’s social, historical, and cultural status from the students. The long-term goal is to empower young Chinese people to learn more about the rest of the world, to be better global citizens, and to bear more social responsibilities.

Other types of volunteer placement may be arranged on request or according to volunteers’ interests/backgrounds. Contact us if you would like to have a special type of volunteer placement or want to find more about them.